Agenda – Day 1 – Nextv Content Europe

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Thursday 6th May 2021

10:05 CEST - 10:40 CEST | 35 mins

Operators involvement in original content production

Content production is an industry dominated by key US players. What are the rationales behind investments in original production made by several European operators ?

  • Case studies
  • Strategies
  • Partnerships

Moderated by : Julian Clover - Journalist & Broadcaster

11:00 CEST - 12:00 CEST | 60 mins

Operators Chief Content Officers strategy panel

High level discussion between Chief Content Officers in Europe.


  • Content aggregation & packaging
  • Regulation
  • Relationship with content providers
  • Evolution of usage and viewing patterns


Moderated: Monique van Dusseldorp - Curator & Moderator - Van Dusseldorp BV

13:00 CEST - 13:45 CEST | 45 mins

How are analytics shaping operators’ content strategy?

In a broadcast-only world, it was rare to see pay TV operators capable of collecting customer usage statistics, besides audience data provided at a national level.  Analytics are however added more and more frequently to IPTV offers and are fully integrated in OTT services. This evolution has a strong impact on operators’ content strategy.


  • State of the data
  • Effective use of analytics
  • Data sources
  • Challenges for analytics teams
  • Privacy and regulations

Moderated by : Julian Clover - Journalist & Broadcaster

14:05 CEST - 14:50 CEST | 45 mins

Smart TV : a new distribution channel

Smart TV is increasingly important for the distribution of TV & OTTs.


  • How to make the best of smart TV potential?
  • Key players and strategies
  • Audience and analytics
  • Challenges

Moderated by : Julian Clover - Journalist & Broadcaster

15:10 CEST - 15:55 CEST | 45 mins

Abundance of content: how to improve the access and user experience?

Content has never been more abundant. How can content providers to activate to improve the user experience and help the user to find his way within crowded catalogues?


  • Abundance of content
  • Personalization
  • Algorithms and data
  • Evolution of the market

Moderated: Monique van Dusseldorp - Curator & Moderator - Van Dusseldorp BV

16:10 CEST - 16:55 CEST | 45 mins

CEE pay TV operators content strategies

  • Content aggregration strategies
  • Distribution model: TVE, catch-up, in-house or external OTT?
  • Evolution of revenues and costs: what constraints?

Moderated by: Quentin Stallivieri - Market Analyst - Dataxis